Welcome to WHOLESALE THEATER SEATING. New and used theater seating, chairs and seats. Theater seating for home theater, cinema, screening rooms, auditoriums and schools.

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new theater seating and used theater seating

Welcome the Wholesale Theater Seating
Phone: (727) 798-6949. Email: WholesaleTheaterSeating@gmail.com
You will find offered on this site:
Real movie theater seating
Available in your choice of:
New theater seating
Used theater seating
Leather and VIP seating

The new and used theater seating, as well as the VIP and leather theater seating is
well suited for, and ideally used for:
Theater seating.
Cinema seating.
Screening room seating.
Home theater seating.
Movie theater seating.

They have also been used as:
Restaurant seating.
Doctors office waiting room seating.
Barber and hair salon seating.
Sports bar seating.
Orthodontist waiting room seating.
Stage props for productions requiring seating.
TV commercials that need seating.
TV studios live audience seating areas.
Community center seating.
Condominium community room seating.
Assisted living facility seating
Media room seating.
Sales presentation room seating.
And the list goes on and on.

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The new seating can come to you after being ordered for you from the factory, or the new theater seating can consist of overstock, extra available from a theater seating order, or even a theater seating miss-order.

The used theater seating can come from a large variety of sources and locations
such as movie theater houses, cinemas, performing arts centers, concert halls, museums, symphony halls, opera houses, multiplex movie cinema theaters, old antique theatres and the like.

The VIP and Leather theater seating is ideal for VIP theater seating section areas at high end movie houses. The Leather seating, featuring cup holders in their armrests also is ideal for the home theater market, enjoyed by any home theater enthusiast.

Wholesale Theater Seating. New and used theater seating, seats and chairs. For home theater, cinema, screening rooms, auditoriums and schools.

Phone: (727) 798-6949. Email: WholesaleTheaterSeating@gmail.com

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We deal in wholesale new and used theater seating. We buy and sell theater seating. Contact us with any of your questions, what-so-ever. We would love to hear from you!

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