Wholesale standard theater seating!

new theater seating
New theater seating

Starlite Falcon Standard New Theater Seating Rockers
Just $100 each* in woven fabric upholstery!
(Add $10 per chair for commercial grade faux leather upholstery)

We have many, many, many satisfied customers who have installed The Starlite Falcon in their auditoriums!
The Starlite Falcon new theater seating is designed to maximize seat count. They are comfortable, and a great value.
Also available as a fixed back chair, if that is your preference.
Made to go onto level or sloped incline floors.
We can help you with seating layout, seating area dimensions, etc. Just give us a call! 727-798-6949

This is an EXCELLENT value! A New standard theater seats with LOTS of bells and Whistles!
Features of the Starlite Falcon Rocker new theater seating:
Rocker backs! Very comfortable, rocks back approx. 5 to 6 inches.
38-inch, and 40.5-inch high back available.
22-inch, and 23-inch widths (measured center-to-center) available.
Only needs a minimum tread depth of 42-inches!
Lift-up cup holder armrests.
These new theater seats have ALL of the most popular, the most requested theater-style seating features.
AND they come with a 8-Year Manufacturers Warranty against defects!
AND if you opt for the faux leather theater seating, the leatherette upholstery is Warrantied for 5-Years. this is the longest warranties currently being offered in the industry. Call for details!

*The details / fine print regarding price.
The Starlite Falcon Rocker new theater seats are $100 each, minimum order, 1 seagoing container (about 300 chairs), FOB China. We can get you a shipping quote, simply contact us, for the shipping quote. 727-798-6949

Starlite Falcon Standard New Theater Seating Rockers $100 each!