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Terms and Conditions!

Terms and conditions.
1. I understand what I am buying. Whether I purchase on-line, over the telephone, or in person. Please do not purchase seating until all of your questions have been answered.
2. Please call us 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time, with any questions what so ever, BEFORE you order. (727) 798-6949 an educated consumer is our best customer.
A.To avoid errors: All orders are to have drawings of seating layouts, along with dimensions, approved by buyer before the order of theater seating can be fulfilled. All orders are to have written descriptions of seating and its features, including upholstery color, approved by buyer before the order of theater seating can be fulfilled.

B. Wholesale theater Seating is owned by Celebrity Seating Inc, and is an Authorized Distributor of several seating manufacturers.
3. If a chair is described as “refurbished” or as “used” or as a “closeout” then the chairs can show some signs of wear. Scratches, worn fabric, even soiling, especially if the chair is described as being sold ´As Is´. Once again, a phone call with any questions is welcome. (727) 798-6949.
A. All used chairs are sold ‘as is’ without any warranty, unless otherwise stated in writing.
B. Used chairs are sold ‘theater dirty’ and will need to be cleaned, including steam cleaning the fabric, and / or cleaning the shell and frame. Theater dirty, can mean very dirty, seats and fabric may have gum, popcorn, nacho cheese, soda syrup, etc. on them, and may need to perform a thorough cleaning. Please realize that basically the used chairs come out of a theater, and are then sent to you, theater dirty.
4. “I understand what can be returned and the fees involved.” Refund policy:
A. Refunds can be in the form of credit, exchanges or money. Shipping is nonrefundable. Should the customer want to return product, it is their responsibility to pay for the return shipping along with insurance coverage, equal to the value of the chairs. A 25% restocking fee will be imposed on all returned product. Not all product is returnable.
B. You have the right to refuse any damaged product you receive from the shipper, at the time of delivery. If you receive damaged product, you MUST call us immediately at (727) 798-6949, if no answer then leave a message, leaving us your daytime telephone number, where you can be reached.
C. All returned product must first have a “Return Authorization Number” (An RA Number), before we will accept the product back.
D. A Special order cannot be cancelled. Special orders are non-refundable and non-returnable, with the exception of manufacturing defects.
E. If you damage the product, modify the product, or install the product, we will not accept it back for a refund, or an exchange or a credit.
F. Orders cannot be canceled after they have been processed and / or shipped out.
G. Shipping dates will be provided in writing, upon request.
H. Refunds are issued using the same form that the orders payment was made in.
I. Customer is to inspect product at time of delivery. If any of the ordered product is missing or damaged, customer is to call us. Customer MUST call us immediately at (727) 798-6949, leave a message if no answer, leaving us your daytime telephone number where you can be reached.
J. If outside of box, or if packaging is damaged, have the delivery person make a note of the damage in writing on your, and their paperwork. It is up to you to decide whether to accept the merchandise or not. If you accept the merchandise, and then soon after notice any damage what so ever to the merchandise, you must call us at (727) 798-6949 immediately.
5. Refunds can only be given within 4 days of receipt of product.
6. Customer takes full responsibility for the safe installation of the chairs. We, the seller cannot be held liable or responsible for injuries incurred by poor installation, or use of the chairs bought from us.
7. Fabric, paint, etc. colors may very slightly from the product to product.
8. Regarding leather products: Leather is a natural material. As such, marks, scars, blemishes in the material can occur, and are not considered a defect. The dyes used in coloring the leather can take to the leather differently, producing different shades of color. These variations are not considered a defect. We will not accept returns on leather due to imperfections in appearance and/ or color.
9. Modifications to the shape and design of the chair model can occur with out notice.
We the seller reserve the right to adjust the design of a chair.
10. Used, refurbished and remanufactured chairs orders may contain parts of a different color than shown on our website. For example a chairs leg may be painted red in the picture on the site, but in actuality chair legs painted gray may be sent to fill the order. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fill all of customer´s special requests.
11. Next Day delivery as well as the other shipping options requests will still be filled even if the ordered item is not in stock and may take 7+ days to processes the order.
12. We are not responsible for delays in shipping due to the shipper.
13. All shipping delivery dates and times are estimated and not guaranteed unless otherwise furnished in writting.
14. We the seller cannot be held responsible for delays beyond our control, such as, but not limited to manufacturing delays, shipping delays, weather delays, factory holidays, etc.
15. Leather chairs are made to order, and are thus considered special orders.
16. Special orders are non-cancelable.
17. ORDER CANCELLATIONS: If you decide to cancel your order for any reason, we reserve the right to subtract credit card transaction fees of 5%, and any shipping charges (if applicable) and restocking fees (if applicable) up to 25%, from your refund total.
18. Prices can change without notice.
19. Credit Cards are charged at the time of ordering. If an order is canceled after the credit card has been processed, a refund will be given, however the refund will be minus a 5% transaction fee. Orders must be canceled within 24 hours of the time of the placing of the order (unless state law specifies differently).
20. Orders shipped to a Florida address are subject to Florida State sales tax. Sales tax will be added where applicable.
21. Buyer must provide accurate information, such as correct delivery / shipping address. Inaccurate information that causes addition cost (such as giving a wrong Ship To address) will incur extra cost to the customer.
A deliverable shipping address must be provided. Residential delivery may incur additional shipping charges. Lift-gates on delivery trucks may incur additional charges.
Customer must inform us, at time of ordering, if the product is to be delivered to a residential address.
Buyer is responsible if someone other than himself receives or refuses to receive product
when delivery is made / attempted. Buyer agrees to allow if someone other than himself to receive or refuse to receive product
when delivery is made. Refused product will incur additional charges to the buyer, including but not limited to restocking fees, additional shipping fees, reimbursement of credit card processing fees etc.
22. All credit card purchases shall be accompanied by a photocopy of the cardholders drivers license, and
the front and back of the credit card that was used to make the purchase. Mail or scan and email, this photocopy along with an original, signed statement, in blue ink, showing that you agree to pay the purchase price, and that you authorize the transaction. Mail or email this document to the mailing address / email address found on our web site.
23. Product is to be inspected at time of delivery.
24. Any outstanding balance due is to be paid prior to the shipping of the product.
25. Once the products are accepted, they cannot be returned.
Acceptance is defined by, but not limited to, any one of the following criteria:
A.4-days have passed since product was delivered.
B. Product has been used.
C. Product has been installed.
D. The product has been modified.
E. Any outstanding balance due was paid.
26. Restocking fees can be applied to any returns, modifications or changes to the product.
27. If product is to be returned, then all such product must be returned in resellable condition and with no signs of wear. Original packaging may be required in order for a refund to be given, contact us regarding this.
This judgment is to be determined solely by the seller.
28. We reserve the right to exchange damaged product (rather than refunding you your money and taking back part of, or the entire order).
If you refuse an exchange, and decide to go ahead and return your product, a 25% restocking / return fee will be imposed.
29. Your product may be a slightly different color than the pictures displayed
on our web site and/or on your monitor.
30. The customer understands that every computer monitor will show differently and acknowledge that there can be some variations in color from what is shown on the screen.
31. Returned checks, bounced checks, checks drawn on accounts with insufficient funds, and payments that do not go through, will be charged a 5% of face value / amount owed as a fee.
32. The chair price displayed for each chair is based on a full 40-foot sea going container.
If a shipping price is displayed it is based on a minimum order of 350 chairs. If you buy less than 350 chairs then additional shipping costs will be incurred.

You are welcome to call and get a shipping quote before you place your order. We encourage you to call for a shipping quote before you place your order.
33. Although we attempt to provide accurate information on our website, we cannot be responsible for typographical and / or description errors. Please call to clarify any important details regarding your potential order, before you buy.
34. We sell chairs made in the USA, Mexico, China and Columbia amongst other countries.
35. Any orders destined to be sent outside of the United States, are / may be subject to customs duty, taxes, tariffs, fees, etc. and these costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
Seller not responsible if the customer has failed to read and understand the terms and conditions.
If a customer / buyer calls in an order, or comes into the physical location and purchases any product all these terms and conditions still apply.
No warranties are expressed or implied unless provided in writing by us.
TURNAROUND TIMES / DELIVERY /SHIPPING: All shipping and delivery dates and times are approximate. We cannot guarantee delivery dates. There are many factors influencing shipping that are beyond our control. Such as, but not limited to, product availability, weather delays, availability of delivery trucks which are allowed into residential areas, or delays in materials for making the product, i.e. fabric availability, leather availability, foam cushioning availability, and for our refurbished chairs, part availability, chair inspection and cleaning, etc.
Customer understands that product can be shipped out in more than one shipment, resulting a partial order being delivered first, before all the product arrives.
Items listed as “Inventory Clearance” are sold as is, and are nonreturnable.
These Terms and Conditions only apply to domestic orders shipped within the 48 contiguous United States.
All International Orders as well as orders to Hawaii and Alaska, are non-returnable, non-refundable.
All International Orders as well as orders to Hawaii and Alaska, will incur higher shipping cost, and we will contact you with that total shipping cost before completing your order.
All orders are processed within 2 business days of the time we receive them, however manufacturing, packaging, handling, shipping, etc. could take 4 to 20 weeks, depending on product ordered. Call for shipping date of your order.
Seller uses national shipping companies. The name of the shipping company for your prder will be provided upon request.
Above terms and conditions are void where prohibited by State law.

You agree that…”I am the cardholder of the credit card that is being used for this transaction, or I have permission of the cardholder to use his/ her card for this transaction. I authorize my household members and co-workers to sign for, accept and receive the shipped product, in my name. I have had all my concerns and questions answered before my purchase by calling the companies´ phone number displayed on the web site.
You are doing business with Celebrity Seating Incorporated, a Florida USA Corporation.